Expressive typeface that shuffles letters according to the text you write

Random font / Notmytype Foundry

Random is an eye catching expressive typeface that features six automatically shuffling alternatives, creating unique contextual combinations. It explores the visual value of letters and extremes in forms. Unlike other typefaces it builds character with inconsistency. Little details in each letter and an overall proud attitude of the typeface are its main strengths that create seemingly effortless yet well curated randomness. Random wants to prove that type can not only be a group of beautiful letters but also a group of individuals. Font has more than 350 glyphs including punctuations and accented characters that is delivered in a single OTF file.

type design, typography, art direction, graphic design, web

Redesign of a legendary fashion magazine

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Modna was the first big fashion magazine of the Balkans and we got the privilege to redesign it. Sadly, the legendary magazine was canceled due to an ownership scandal (miw). But the three issues and a website we did before Modna spilled its last ink are still imprinted as pleasant memories.