What have we learned from our first Kickstarter campaign?

Musguard / Musguard

Jurij Lozić was the one of the Slovenian pioneers on Kickstarter. His product - a rollable fender needed a work over of strategy, design and communication. The community stepped together and helped a brand become a sustainable business.

The product Musguard was developed by Jurij as a part of his thesis. With an already defined customer segment it was ready to be out into the market. Our mission was to translate its functionalities into visually appealing language and publish the story on Kickstarter (back then crowdfunding online was a whole new concept for us). We've created a brand, mainly based on fixed gear aesthetics and collaborated with strong local community of cyclists - Muslauf. On June 22, 2013, Musguard successfully raised $44,633 with 1,756 backers.

It was important for us to know which services need to be done in the following crowdfunding campaigns but the most important lesson still holds today: Respect your community.

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A video by our friends at Multipraktik Collective is explaining how the product really works:

Home made tool for finding fresh color combinations

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During our studies we talked a lot about colors and how different people use specific color schemes. Together with [Dan Adlešič](http://danadlesic.com/) and Matic Potočnik we built a simple tool Colory to help find fresh color combinations. It has a clean interface and lets you use your camera, import your own photos and change the color values. Unlike other complicated algorithm-based apps Colory lets you decide what combinations go together by showing you a random color with every click on a square. While the web version is just a preview, desktop Colory Pro is a full feature application that you can download for free if you follow the link below.