Redesign of a legendary fashion magazine

Modna / Modna

Modna was the first big fashion magazine of the Balkans and we got the privilege to redesign it. Sadly, the legendary magazine was canceled due to an ownership scandal (miw). But the three issues and a website we did before Modna spilled its last ink are still imprinted as pleasant memories.

art direction, graphic design, photography

Our fixed-width font family for print, web, and mobile

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Resolution typeface is still a work in progress. It is a clean monospaced typeface with 5 weights, accompanying italics and two styles: a high and low resolution. The typeface satirizes of rendering of early screens and inherited its name through this sentiment. Since screen resolutions are constantly improving, this font is a testament in using a low resolution typeface. Styles can be combined and used on web or in print. Because of its form it stands out especially in print. Available for license via The Designers Foundry on the link below.