How can we empower local product designers to start selling online?

Eclipse by Tilen Sepič / Tilen Sepič

Tilen Sepič is a very talented product designer. He made a beautiful lamp that now sells in shops across Europe. The problem is that he has to do material sourcing, production, order fulfillment and marketing all by himself. He has his own webpage and would like to sell his products there. This problem is common to a whole new generation of great designers. What can we do about it? What are the solutions? First, the use of existing e-commerce platforms doesn't suit all his needs. Second, without the high volume traffic, product landing pages slowly fade into forgotten realms of the internet. This made us look for a sustainable solution that would give his and many other businesses the flexibility they need.

We started building a tool Fatsell, a tool for collecting pre-orders and selling online. It integrates a seamless checkout experience with supreme order management. During the process we learned that if the checkout can be embedded in every website, various blogs or other affiliates could sell directly from their page.

So, together with Sepič, we wrote down communication strategy for his lamp, created a custom landing page, embedded Fatsell and created social media campaign that made him noticable. Our goal is that everyone will be able to use these great tools. More info about Fatsell here.

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We all deserve some privacy

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You know that moment when you give your phone to a friend just to show them a few photos and they scroll too far and what has been seen can not be unseen... Sharing your phone is fun, but so is having kinky photos. We were faced with this dilemma way too many times and we couldn’t find a privacy app we wanted to use. So we built our very own. Well, together with our developer friends from [Kamino]( Keeply tackles this problem with a friendly, simple and intuitive design. It’s an encrypted and pin protected app for those who wish to have a part of their phone just for themselves. You can safely store all your photos, passwords, notes and other private information. For the full experience you can check out the website where you can also download Keeply iOS app for free.