Home made tool for finding fresh color combinations

Colory App / Ljudje.si

During our studies we talked a lot about colors and how different people use specific color schemes. Together with Dan Adlešič and Matic Potočnik we built a simple tool Colory to help find fresh color combinations. It has a clean interface and lets you use your camera, import your own photos and change the color values. Unlike other complicated algorithm-based apps Colory lets you decide what combinations go together by showing you a random color with every click on a square. While the web version is just a preview, desktop Colory Pro is a full feature application that you can download for free if you follow the link below.

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À la carte smart food ordering companion

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We know, we all prefer the human touch, but in an era of computers, wouldn’t it be easier if you could order straight away and the waiter would just bring your espresso? Or those akward moments when you really need to leave and you are still waiting for the bill to come. We’ve worked together with [Visionect’s](https://www.visionect.com/) team to develop an interface for a digital butler Geoffrey that helps people to order and process their payments. The character leads you through the app for a hassle free experience that can be used by kids or the elderly. E-paper tablet hardware that Visionect developed was mainly used in hotel-restaurant-cafe industries, but the potential utility is much wider. Visionect deployed the system across several restaurants, cafes and bars, and measured usage among guests, as well as the impact on the restaurateur's bottom line. The tallied results showed that a dedicated system will get 93% of guests to order using the devices. Based on Visionect’s statistics, this nets in about 10-20% higher revenues, but more importantly saves time for both customers and employees.