Attracting new investors to a cancer research institution

Celica Biomedical / Celica Biomedical

Celica Biomedical utilizes state of the art technology and scientific ingenuity in devising potentially new medical treatments for cancer and neurological diseases. In collaboration with the legendary design studio Kabinet 01, we created an elegant set of communication tools to reach potential investor and partners. And yes, we did wear protective suits while working on this project.

app, development, branding, user experience, user interface

How to bring an online experience into a physical store?

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Prior to expanding into new markets and retail as it was growing larger, decided to retouch their brand image. The aim of the project was to unify the online and offline shopping experience they provided, by combining the best from both worlds and making the website simpler, faster and more flexible. We crafted a new logo and from this Mr.Gizzmo was born, the brand mascot. Working closely with team, we have revitalized their website and made it friendly for all devices. Furthermore, we defined the look of the first digital concept store in Slovenia, where customers can browse through more than 10.000 items using the iPad app in a relaxing and cozy environment. The convenient click-and-collect service allows them to have products of their choice presented live on the spot within 60 seconds for review and purchase. is now an international brand serving more than 100.000 customers around Europe with their now distinct online and offline identity.