They cut funding for an oldest working student radio station in Europe, so we…

Radio Študent, 2014

Radio Student is a cult alternative radio station run by student university groups. In 2014, due to municipal budgetary cuts, it was feared it would be taken off the air. We were asked to step in and find alternative means in funding Radio Student (the goal was 30-50,000).

We successfully helped RS reach their donation goal through crowdfunding. Furthermore, we made a petition addressed to the government of Slovenia and municipality of Ljubljana, demanding sustainable solutions in funding RS, which is was not only proven feasible by our campaign, and that there is a tangible need and support for alternative culture in Slovenia.

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Beyond transport. How to design trust?

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What comes to mind if you picture a white van? Depending on where you are from, the stereotypes vary from the suspicious to the completely bland. This was the problem GoOpti faced when they asked for our assistance on how to overcome these ubiquitous stereotypes.
 GoOpti is a low cost transportation company that shuttles people to and from airports, almost completely comprised of a small fleet of white taxi vans. Our mission was to dislodge those prejudices and make GoOpti synonymous as a quick, reliable and comfortable transportation service. We helped them raise public awareness of their qualities their image and style coherent, using great gifs by [Tilen Sepič]( and fresh illustrations that were drawn by our friend [Matija Medved]( From billboards to rims, GoOpti is now more visible than ever. Its image as reliable transportation service can been seen wherever it goes to all its central European destinations. Travelling with GoOpti makes planning a whole lot easier. Plus you don’t have to ask your friends for a ride all the time. You can try their service on the link below.