We’ve worked with Gramatik on his latest album release

Gramatik, 2013

Gramatik is a producer/DJ, based in Brooklyn. He has always subscribed to the notion that music should be easily available to all. For this reason, his complete discography, along with his newest album Epigram, is available for free on his website. The challenge then was how to encourage people to support artists while downloading and sharing their music.

In collaboration with Multipraktik Collective & Jono Brandel we set up a new brand communication platform. We built a website were anyone can listen to all of his tracks, all the while, streamlining the support points for the artist, which included merchandising and donations. The main body and highlight of the project was the interactive-game like application that generates custom artwork, which eventually became the newest vinyl and digital release cover.

In the first week alone, over 9000 epigrams were created on Gramatik's new website.

app, development, branding, user experience, user interface

They cut funding for an oldest working student radio station in Europe, so we…

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Radio Student is a cult alternative radio station run by student university groups. In 2014, due to municipal budgetary cuts, it was feared it would be taken off the air. We were asked to step in and find alternative means in funding Radio Student (the goal was 30-50,000). We successfully helped RS reach their donation goal through crowdfunding. Furthermore, we made a petition addressed to the government of Slovenia and municipality of Ljubljana, demanding sustainable solutions in funding RS, which is was not only proven feasible by our campaign, and that there is a tangible need and support for alternative culture in Slovenia.